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Sacred Hand Clients

Sacred Hand Productions has worked with world wide organizations, businesses, communities, yoga centers, specialists, coaches, consultants, authors, musicians, performers, artists, yoga teachers, athletes, and the list goes on. 



"Mary Arose has a gift for creating films that are as engaging as they are authentic. The films she produced for me and my company, Technically Simple have been invaluable in clearly communicating my services, experience and values and have helped me attract clients from across the globe. And through the process of working with her I gained deep insights into myself and my business ventures and was left with a renewed sense of excitement around the work that I'm doing and the people and organizations that I'm serving. I'm very grateful for the profound contribution she has made to my life and business and highly recommend her services."


~Tim Stringer
Productivity Coach & Consultant
(Technically Simple Promo Videos)


“Mary Arose has a strong sense for stories and a deep interest in questions of human individuals and societies. But most importantly, she wants to reach people.  Martina wants to learn herself and to pass her experiences onto the audience. To put it in an old fashioned way: She wants to make the world a better place.  I guess that is what a filmmaker should strive for.”


~Thomas Riedelsheimer
Documentary Filmmaker
(Filmmaking Mentor)

"I would gladly hire Sacred Hands Productions for any of my future video and media needs.  They were very accommodating with my needs, but also exceeded my expectations when given free reign with creative decisions. In the world of base jumping where it is saturated with the same old video structure Sacred Hands Productions set my video apart from the heard, but in the best way possible."

~Alan Comstock 
Extreme Sports Athlete
(BASE Jumping Demo Video)

"Working with Mary Arose was an eye-opening experience. She has the foresight to do beautiful work I never imagined possible. I was impressed with her leadership and decision making throughout the process. She can efficiently pull off work on a cost-effective budget."

~Elise Marie Southwick 
Folk Pop Musician
(Music Videos for the Album ROAM) 

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