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"Ethereal and luminous, Elise Southwick's Roam floats through a pastel soundscape rich with nectar-sweet vocals, migratory melodies and European imagery. These seven finely crafted tracks, enlivened with a touch of banjo, trumpet or saw (yes, saw) here and there, reveal a musical maturity that belies Southwick's young age." - April Reese, KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe

Elise Marie - ROAM Album Release

Music Video for "Lunaria Annua" and "Florence" 

Music Video for "Suzanna" 

"Working with Mary Arose was an eye-opening experience. She has the foresight to do beautiful work I never imagined possible. I was impressed with her leadership and decision making throughout the process. She can efficiently pull off work on a cost-effective budget."

- CLIENT: Elise Marie Southwick, ROAM Music Videos

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