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Kundalini Yoga DVD

with Ram Rung Kaur

Join Ram Rung Kaur for a fun and powerful experience of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Kundalini is a mind, body, spirit integrated practice accessible to students of all levels.  This DVD class focuses on the yoga set “Withstand the Pressure of Time” and supports you to find your center and gracefully manage increasing demands of fast-paced daily living.  Create an inner strength to match any outer pressure with a dynamic blend of movement, breath work, mantra and meditation. 

This class will leave you feeling balanced, revitalized and inspired to practice with this great DVD again and again!

This 75 min DVD includes:
* An introduction to the practice
* Warm up exercises
* Yoga set to
“Withstand the Pressure of Time”
* Deep relaxation
* Kirtan Kriya Meditation​

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