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Guided Meditation Videos 

3HO 90-DAY Global Meditation 
Guided by Nirinjan Kaur 


Spirit Voyage Meditation 

Guided by Nirinjan Kaur 

Feedback from Meditators: 

"Beautiful, uplifting and simply awesome."

"It calms the mind completely. I absolutely love this. Thank you for this offering!"

"Thank you for sharing a journey of 90 days and a life time."

"I am loving chanting with you every evening, Nirinjan. Your voice is heavenly and your energy is so beautiful and pure. Thank you for this."

"What a blessing to practice this meditation with such a beautiful young woman. Thank you Nirinjan Kaur for sharing this special meditation with us."



"Thank-you so much for this meditation.  It chant it in my head and out loud all day! I can't help it - its soooooooo intoxicating. And this is the most powerful meditation I have ever done. I immediately burst into a smile and it was like my whole face was bursting open with joy, like more than my physical face could handle, then I started to cry and all these tears poured out, then back to bursting with joy! Wow! Thanks!" 

"Every time I play this my 6 month old son smiles and giggles as if someone is tickling him. How about that for motivation to keep up! Its as if he is excitedly remembering the bliss that he had come from not so long ago. Infants are still living very much in the ethers I think." 

"Big thanks to God for gave you such a lovely voice Nirinjan Kaur and thank you for using it to chant and guide us in this beautiful meditation, infinite love to you! and everyone at Spirit Voyage! Sat Nam! Wahe Guru!" 

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