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They defy each other, they define each other. 

Pair of Opposites is a 20 minute documentary exploring the inter-connected nature of siblings through the dynamic sister-brother relationship of Martina (Mary Arose) and Alan.  During their quests to define themselves in their young adult lives they end up living worlds apart.  Martina is a creative filmmaker and Kundalini Yoga teacher immersed in a spiritual group called 3HO.  Alan is a hard living, dare devil with a feverish passion for rock climbing.  Their life philosophies differ as much as their interests; whereas Martina values balance and grace, Alan prefers living dangerously close to the edge.

They attempt to overcome their differences by joining together for an epic reunion.  Each sibling challenges the other to step outside his or her comfort zone and enter into the other's world. Together they climb to the heights of Yosemite National Park in California and explore the spiritual depths of yoga and meditation at the Summer Solstice yoga retreat in the high desert of Northern New Mexico.  Their reunion evolves into an adventurous right of passage that is both humorous and poignant, exploring the paradox of deep-seated sibling rivalry and strong familial love.  Pair of Opposites takes you on a journey of overcoming fears to find a new way of relating to the loved ones that shape us forever.

​"An inspiring film for anyone seeking a better understanding of acceptance & unconditional love."
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