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Prenatal Kundalini Yoga DVD

with Bir Kaur Khalsa

This 75 min DVD includes:
* Warm up exercises
* Exercise series for "strengthening the pelvic floor"
* Deep relaxation
* Ra Ma Da Sa healing meditation

​Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science with a deep well of teachings for pregnancy and motherhood. Combining the gentle strengthening of physical yoga, the power of breath and the depth and peace of meditation, you will deepen the connection to your own body, to yourself as a mother and to the child who is growing within.  Stretch, breathe, strengthen, laugh, dance and relax as you journey into motherhood!

Bir Kaur
has had a fascination and reverence for pregnancy and motherhood for as long as she can remember. Along with being the mother of an extremely active young son, Bir Kaur is an internationally certified level 1 Teacher Trainer, prenatal yoga Teacher and certified Doula. She has been instrumental in the development of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver over the past 10 years, as well as serving as an assistant director to "Khalsa Ladies Camp" - a spiritual retreat for women, now in it's 20th year. 
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