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We are a creative team offering dynamic design and media services to innovators and change makers.

Sacred Hand Productions was founded by Mary Arose and is now joined by filmmaker and

photographer David Hines and designer Kendra Adler.


Together they offer creative services to help clients grow their vision and make an impact. 


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What's New?

Every year we have the priveledge of working with awesome ongoing clients as well as some new amazing folks who are creating the change they want to see in the world. 


This year was a particularly special one. We'd like to share a few of the successes that we've had...

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We're proud to be producing campaign video ads for Kyle Tisdel, an environmental attorney running for Congress in New Mexico on an environmental platform.

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Painter Julia Loretta has been so inspiring to work with!

We've enjoyed providing photography, website and design services to this talented artist.

In the past year she has transitioned from Asheville to Sedona where she is being asked to show her work in galleries in addition to making online sales.

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Daughter Dear album "Turn of the Tide" tells the story of recovering from a heart break and traumatic brain injury through soulful songs.

The Kickstarter campaign we launched for this project made it's fundraising goal and was successfully produced this past year.

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For the past 3.5 years Sacred Hand Productions has provided media services to the Taos based Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple.  During that time we have provided media for fundraising to build a new temple for the growing amount of devotees and visitors. This past summer the building of the temple came to completion!


In preparation for the temple's inaugural celebration, the ashram worked with Sacred Hand Productions to design a 160 page commemorative book documenting the ashram's history and evolution.

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One of the highlights of the inauguration celebration was Ram Dass' return to the ashram that he helped found many years ago for the opening of the new temple.

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Sacred Hand Productions has enjoyed working with hip-hop producer "Mumbles" to create a website and video content celebrating the 20 year anniversary of his hit album "A Book of Human Language" and the launch of his most recent album "Notes from the Underground".

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