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Yoga, Health & Healing

Videos & DVDS

Yoga is a growing practice that is flourishing all through out the world.  Sacred Hand Productions specializes in offering services to yoga teachers, as well as health and healing specialists to promote and deliver specialized services and teachings. 

The advantage of hiring Sacred  Hand Productions, is that you will be working directly with production team that understands the importance of this work and is both skilled and passionate about "doing it justice" through the medium of film and video.  As a yoga teacher and practitioner, director Mary Arose (aka Martina Comstock & Ram Rung Kaur) is dedicated to sharing the benefits of this ancient practice through the modern tools of Instructional Yoga DVDs and Videos. 

Instructional DVDs create a professional presentation for yourself as a teacher and offer a useful resource for your students to practice from home.  DVDs are also a wonderful marketing tool to extend your yoga teaching to a broader student base, while creating a profitable return on DVD sales. 

Instructional and promotional yoga & meditation videos can also be created to reach a broader audience online, while promoting your teachings and services. 

​If you are interested in co-creating your instructional or promotional video or DVD  contact us to set up a free consultation. We will provide you with a quote based on your unique production and project budget.

Kundalini Yoga DVD with Ram Rung Kaur 

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